Kindergarten will reopen on 8th June.
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London Steiner School

An education for the future, for 1-14 year olds, with small class sizes, teaching based around your child's needs, in a truly community based school in South London

Our Vision

To provide a holistic
education that nurtures the
children to become well rounded,
confident, independently minded
and creative thinkers.

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The Steiner Waldorf approach to education is both innovative and insightful. Our pupils are well-balanced as individuals and develop a general enthusiasm for learning, whatever the context might be. With over a hundred years of experience to draw upon, the education is well-proven,  with central themes of innovation and enquiry ensuring that it remains at the forefront of contemporary education in a fast-changing world.

London Steiner School has been teaching these methods for over 30 years, offering a broad and rich curriculum. The education we offer enables our pupils to mature in a balanced way, combining academic and creative studies to develop impressive human qualities.

These human qualities promote purposeful engagement with the world around us and ensure that our pupils take up meaningful and fufilling roles that contribute in a positive way to our ever evolving future.