School Vision

  • Grow the school and be able to offer this wonderful education to more children and their families throughout the South London area.
  • Create an eco-school, connecting with nature in the heart of urban London.
  • Prepare children for the future, equipping them with the skills required to problem solve, work collaboratively and act with empathy.


 “Steiner education does not measure the child just looking into the academic side. Teachers observe and support a child’s personal development.” 

 “The school organised charity events or school fairs throughout the year. This made stronger communities between school and parents/the residents/community.” 

“… has enjoyed his time at the school and has developed well under your care, learning many life lessons which will serve him well.” 

 “We (the grownups) have learned and benefited a great deal from the Waldorf philosophy and curriculum as well as you individually.” 

Dedicated and friendly team with personal relation to each student and parents.” 

 “I am very pleased with the education my child had received at the school; I think it has strongly supported his physical, emotional and mental development.” 

 “Never outside of your kindergarten have I encountered the thoughtful, careful, patient and inspiring teaching that you and your wonderful team provide; the kind of learning that is not measured in ratios and certificates, but is measured in the bright light of inspiration and the deep love of learning seen in the eyes of each and every pupil.” 

“Moving to a new secondary school was quite straightforward for my son. During his first year at the new school I was surprisingly often called by the teachers to be informed on how well behaved, caring and friendly my son was as well as how well he was doing in his subjects. The best comment I had from a teacher was how, in her opinion, he would go far with his well developed social skills, compared to other peers in his school. In Steiner school children are taught all these skills in their day-to-day interaction with the teachers, the younger pupils and the local community. I think it’s invaluable how holistic education methods, such as Steiner Waldorf education, can set children up for life in the best possible way.”

“At the London Steiner School my child learned excellent presentation skills in the way his workbook was always encouraged to be immaculately arranged – a skill he has been commended for in all of his subjects in his current secondary school.” 

“The community is very welcoming and open. This respectful atmosphere is worth a lot.” 

 “The overall spirit and care displayed in the school environment has been beautiful and heartfelt and we are all generously grateful for this.” 

 “Coming to this school doesn’t mean just coming to learn, it means coming to participate in something much bigger than just a school.”