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We have a really fabulous opportunity to have Debbie Guneratne in our school for running Little Tales Storytelling Club on Wednesdays from 3.45pm, term time.

 The activity is open to children from our school and from outside our school

Debbie is an incredible storyteller and the way she tells fantastic stories helps children use and develop their imagination, in a way that is very much in line with Steiner education.  We highly recommend this activity for the children.

Debbie Guneratne is an inspirational storyteller and an internationally successful trainer. Her unique and charismatic style has taken her around the world to perform from bonfire to banquet, from tourist to tribesman and from storytelling festivals to sell out shows.

Debbie’s highly motivational and focused personal effectiveness training is sought after by global corporations and educational establishments. Her innovative thinking and magnetic personality as a conference speaker have gained her an international reputation.

Born in Sri Lanka, Debbie has the advantage of possessing multicultural heritage, drawing from Chinese, Dutch and Sinhalese parentage, which gives her a strong affinity from these cultures. Her rich, diverse, cultural heritage manifests itself in all aspects of her work. She has a wide ranging repertoire for both children and adults, for performances and work in educational and community contexts and for site specific work

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