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An affordable education

As a community based school, we ask for a fee/contribution towards the cost of running the School. This contribution is worked out at about 40%-50% of an average independent school’s fees.

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FEES sheet for 2019 – 20

Please note that these are intended to be contributions to the cost of providing the entire education. Parents are not being asked to pay for the education of their child, but to contribute collectively to the cost of keeping the school going. Sibling discounts are given, these are currently 10% off the 2nd child and 25% off the 3rd child’s fees.

The School work with local authorities where they provide Nursery Funding for children between the ages of 3 & 5 years.

The School foregoes fee contributions through bursaries. The School’s Bursary Scheme is limited, and it is not available to Kindergarten pupils (although they can benefit from the Nursery Funding for 15 hours a week) and to new families in the middle school in their first academic year.

Fees include:

  • All materials used in class (includes your child’s first crayon set on entering Class 1)
  • Exercise books
  • Paints & clay
  • Handwork materials
  • Woodwork materials

Additional expenses

  • Occasional items such as a recorder
  • Individual Music Lessons
  • Occasional books (such as a dictionary or a classic novel to be studied)
  • Class outings
  • Your child’s mid morning snack. In Early Years (3-6 years – kindergarten), the snack is often prepared with the children and will be something like soup, apple crumble or bread and hummus with fruit. The charge for this varies according to the number of days in a term. Classes 1 to 8 are asked to bring their own snack and pack lunch of savoury items, fruit and a flask of something to drink (crisps, sweets, chocolate & fizzy drinks are not allowed).

Additional Tuition and Learning Support
Additional tuition required on admission to make a pupil ready for the school is charged for as an extra. Normally, additional tuition or learning support needs identified after a child is established in the school are included in the tuition charge. However, the school reserves the right to charge in exceptional cases.
Eurythmy therapy is charged on the same basis as learning support.

Fee increases
The school will endeavour to give at least one term’s notice of a rise in fees; however, they reserve the right to impose a surcharge at any time in the event of a sudden and unpredictable rise in school running costs. Increases are kept to a minimum.

Fees are paid in advance, either in full at the beginning of the year or by termly or monthly Standing Order.

Application Fee
An application fee of £60 per child is to be submitted with the application form. This is to cover the costs of the interview and administration.

A minimum deposit of 2 x months fees is payable upon acceptance of the offer of a place.

One full term’s notice (or the payment of a full term’s fees in lieu) is required should you leave the school, upon receipt of which the deposit will be returned. This notice should be received by the School on or before the first day of term.

Any questions?
Please contact Sheila Campbell, the School Administrator on 020 8772 3504, she will be glad to help you or arrange an appointment for you with the Teachers and the School Bursar. Alternatively please come to our Open Days and weekly tours (pleas enquire in the office).


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