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NEW: Kindergarten – A Parent’s View

Hear from one parent who sent us these latest comments: “Our application to Steiner Kindergarten was the result of some research into schools that value a holistic  development of children – which simultaneously care for their emotional, physical and intellectual development, and that aim to be an extension of the familiar environment by creating a nurturing…
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IMPORTANT: Attendance & COVID-19

With the School closely monitoring the situation, it is important that parents inform the School promptly before school starts if your child is going to be late or not going to attend school. The flowchart below will help you to follow the Covid-Safe guidelines. Any questions please contact Helen Fraser immediately. Please follow and like…
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The Feast of St. Michael

Yesterday and today the Classes perform the St. Michael play. Who was St. Michael? Perseid showers What may be seen is the point that St. Michael’s sword of cosmic iron is what he uses to pin down the dragon and that the perseid showers have lots of iron in them. Our blood relies on…
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“Our [Steiner] schools gave us strength to row the Atlantic” Please follow and like us:

Latest Coronavirus and Social Distancing policies

Please take time to read the latest guidelines for visiting and being within the School setting. Please follow and like us:

Bluebells Parent & Child Covid-19 Guidelines

Jo Pearce restarts Bluebells on Monday 14th September and the School has published guidelines to ensure safety inline with the current Government guidelines. Please follow and like us:

New: Early Years Curriculum 2020

Within London Steiner School’s Early Years department, we strive to create a warm, safe and caring environment where varied and nourishing opportunities are created for self-directed learning where the independence of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive development can take place for each individual child that enters into our care. Please follow and like us:

New: London Steiner School Governance, Leadership & Management

The Trustees, College of Teachers, together with the School Management Group have updated the Governance, Leadership and Management Statement. Please follow and like us:

New: London Steiner School Handbook 2020

The School Handbook has been revised for 2020. Please follow and like us:

After School Club – Important Update

After School Club (ASC) We are looking forward to welcoming pupils back to school in September and are in the process of finalising safe opening arrangements. We are submitting a risk assessment to the local authority which will be made available on the website, we encourage everyone to read it and send any questions to…
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Safe opening of schools & Government guidelines

The Government has released a number of new guidelines for the safe opening of schools across the UK which we have shared here. Helen Fraser and Sue Peat are in the final stages of reviewing and signing off our Risk Assessment and have shared a number of resources that are also useful for parents to…
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Curriculum 2020 – Published and ready for Ofsted review

In May 2019, Ofsted revised and then shortly after reinspected the School (September 2019) based on the implementation of the curriculum that assesses intent, implementation and impact which does not take into account the unique teaching of Steiner Waldorf education. The School was previously a ‘GOOD’ School under the former Schools Inspectorate Service (SIS). The closing of SIS…
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