Main Lesson Curriculum.

Class One Blocks: English, Maths, and Home environment:

In Class One the children learn about letters and numbers. Letters are first introduced through stories, fairy tales and form drawing: numbers are introduced through counting and the use of movement (rhythm). The child is gradually shown the four processes of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

The foundations of learning are laid by a focus on the natural world, by going for nature walks and observing natural processes: other more abstract subjects, like history and geography, are approached by working with the immediate living environment of the Class children.

Class Two: English, Maths, the Childs’ environment

Continuing from Class One the children begin to learn in more depth the landscape of letters and sentences. They are encouraged to write their own stories, to listen, learn, and recite poetry together. In Maths they use movements and rhythm, to learn the times tables. The teacher will read the children fables that reflect how we live within the world, and stories that talk about great peoples’ lives.

Class Three Blocks: English, Maths, Building, Farming, Old Testament stories and Mythology

English and Maths become progressively more elaborate, studying time and measurement. Building and farming are major subjects for the main lesson in this year. Children will learn by working on their own building project. They will study and experience farming firsthand through visits; gardening is also an important subject, following the seasons of the year through practical application. They will read and study the stories found in the Old Testament.

Class Four Blocks: English, Maths, Local Geography, Ancient Mythology, Man and Animal

In English Main lessons pupils learn about verbs (the past, present, future) and in Maths more complex processes like long division and working with fractions. The children will work on their own “Man and Animal’ project. Local Geography is introduced through the careful study of the local environment, working out from the Schools’ immediate location into the geography and history of London.

Class Five Blocks: British Geography, Botany, Mythology and Ancient History, English and Maths.

(more detail to follow)


Class Six Blocks: European Geography, Roman and Early Medieval History, Physics, Mineralogy, Astronomy, Geometry, Maths and English


Class Seven Blocks: World Geography, Physics, Chemistry, ‘Man and his environment’, Astronomy, Geometry, The Discoverers, History, Maths and English



Class Eight Blocks: World Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, English, Maths and Geometry

All Year Classes have a range of other classes that include additional main lesson blocks (e.g. Extra Reading) and specialist subjects: Modern Languages, Music, Art, Craft (Handwork), Eurythmy and Gardening. These classes build the child’s experience, and learning, by complimenting the teaching in Main Lessons. For more information about the School Year, class subjects or teaching, you can look at the links on ‘The Festival Year’, ‘The Teachers’ and ‘School Classes’.

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