Kindergarten will reopen on 8th June.
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Class 4


Curriculum: Main Lesson

Class Four Blocks: English, Maths, Local Geography, Ancient Mythology, Man and Animal

In English Main lessons pupils learn about verbs (the past, present, future) and in Maths more complex processes like long division and working with fractions. The children will work on their own “Man and Animal’ project. Local Geography is introduced through the careful study of the local environment, working out from the Schools’ immediate location into the geography and history of London.



  • English: Oracy; recall, recitation – choral and individual, alliterative verse & Drama/class play; Working grammar and punctuation continues;  Handwriting; More complex composition writing through personal narratives: Tall Tales.
  • Zoology: a comparative study of human being and animals/ personal project
  • Geography and Local History of Wandsworth and Streatham, London
  • Cultural Studies: Norse mythology & Viking history
  • Mathematics: Introduction to Fractions
  • Form Drawing: Complex interweaving patterns such as Celtic knots. Free-hand geometry.
  • Music: continuation of the recorder and strings.
  • Singing: singing two-part songs
  • Handwork: Cross Stitch
  • EurythmyForeign Languages: French and German
  • Art: Painting, drawing, modelling
  • Physical Education: continues with a core set of games and sports.