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Educationalist & expert views

The world is changing fast.

Only 30% of the job roles we know today will be the same by 2030 (Mckinsey, 2019).

If education is focused purely on STEM subjects, whilst incredibly important to build a foundation in a child’s learning journey, it misses the need to teach children the skills for roles in the world that have yet to be defined. Problem solving, empathy, collaboration and creativity are key to provide children with the skills they will need as society evolves.

Steiner Waldorf education believes that an additional focus on the Arts is at the heart of providing our children with an education fit for the future, creating a STEAM based curriculum.

Demand for soft skills is likely to continue to increase as automation becomes more widespread. Our latest Global Talent Trends Report shows that HR professionals are identifying the demand for soft skills as the most important trend globally. Skills like creativity, persuasion, and collaboration – which all top our London Steiner School teaching vision and a list of most in-demand soft skills – are all virtually impossible to automate, which means if you have these skills you’ll be even more valuable to organisations in the future.
Millennial parents have high expectations for schools and want them to provide kids with core academic skills – and more. They view schools and teachers as being their partner in the work of raising their children to be self-sufficient, independent, confident young adults.

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