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Ofsted & SIS Reports

September 2019

Following our previous Ofsted inspection (27th-29th November 2018) we received another inspection on the 4th July 2019.

We were very disappointed with our original Ofsted outcome and the school and all its staff have been working incredibly hard in order to meet the Ofsted requirements.

We are pleased that, following our July inspection, we have now met all the requirements with regards to PSHE and the Welfare and the Health and Safety of our pupils.

We have also met all the requirements with regards to the Premises & Accommodation of the school.

We had also been very surprised with our Early Years judgement, as we feel the teachers provide a wonderfully nurturing and stimulating environment for our youngest children. The school complies with all the Statutory Welfare and Learning and Development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

We have some standards to meet regarding Quality of Education. However, Ofsted recognised that it would take longer than the time that had elapsed since the original inspection to make these changes and are pleased with  the progress that had been made so far. Most of these changes are related to the curriculum in that Steiner Waldorf schools do not formally test like in state and other independent schools.

Much work is currently being done, both by our teachers and by the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, to retain the unique character of our curriculum whilst complying with Ofsted requirements.

The Fellowship has engaged with Ofsted and the DFE in recent months through meetings and conversations and we have been able to establish a useful stream of communication, enabling us to maintain exemptions, advise on inspection styles going forward and inform the regulators regarding the content and context of Steiner Education. It is clear that in this context the Fellowship is invaluable as an associative body for Steiner Schools.

We would like to thank all the parents for their positive comments and ongoing support.

From The College of Teachers
London Steiner School

Ofsted Inspection Monitoring Report September 2019 – download

November 2018

“The school is making really good progress with the many areas OFSTED highlighted in the inspection as needing improvement.  There is now a suitably equipped medical room, thermostats on the hot water taps, regular analysis of attendance, a disability access plan, external appraisal for teachers and a robust system for tracking each pupil’s progress in each subject area in place – among many other things.  The teaching of ‘British Values’ is something embedded in the curriculum – and class 7/8 have produced a poster highlighting their knowledge.  Leadership and management are being renewed throughout the school – and just as we witness the transformative forces of spring we feel a strong impulse of renewal working with us. Many thanks to all who are a part of this renewal. ” Sue Peat, School Trustee

“Classrooms are characterised by warm and respectful relationships between adults and pupils. Staff listen carefully to pupils’ ideas and opinions and encourage them to express themselves.” Ofsted Inspection November 2018

Ofsted Inspection Report November 2018 – download


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A ‘GOOD” School, SIS, 2018.

June 2018
“…the school has made very good progress, ensuring that all independent schools standards are met with regards to its ability to safeguard pupils and complying with health and safety standards” SIS Inspection June 2018
SIS Monitoring Inspection Report June 2018 – download
March 2018
SIS Monitoring Inspection March 2018 – download
October 2017
“The quality of education provided by London Steiner School is good. Pupils’ learning and achievement is good. They are effective learners and achieve well.” SIS Inspection October 2017
“The good quality curriculum is firmly based on Steiner methodology and provides a broad, balanced and consistent educational experience. Pupils’ personal development is good.” SIS Inspection October 2017
“The children’s personal development and behaviour are good. They enjoy their learning, clearly feel secure and behave well.” SIS Inspection October 2017
SIS Full Inspection October 2017 – download