Ofsted Inspection Report November 2018 – download

“Classrooms are characterised by warm and respectful relationships between adults and pupils. Staff listen carefully to pupils’ ideas and opinions and encourage them to express themselves.” Ofsted Inspection November 2018

SIS Monitoring Inspection Report June 2018 – download

“…the school has made very good progress, ensuring that all independent schools standards are met with regards to its ability to safeguard pupils and complying with health and safety standards” SIS Inspection June 2018

SIS Monitoring Inspection March 2018 – download
SIS Full Inspection October 2017 – download

“The quality of education provided by London Steiner School is good. Pupils’ learning and achievement is good. They are effective learners and achieve well.” SIS Inspection October 2017

“The good quality curriculum is firmly based on Steiner methodology and provides a broad, balanced and consistent educational experience. Pupils’ personal development is good.” SIS Inspection October 2017

“The children’s personal development and behaviour are good. They enjoy their learning, clearly feel secure and behave well.” SIS Inspection October 2017


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