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Gallery of Work

The curriculum was delivered throughout lockdown by video lessons with video based class presentations and feedback from teachers. A selection of the children’s work has been published to our Instagram page.

Class 1 work

Daily Rhythm

From the first day of school closure 21st March 2020 the main lessons were given online.

Both classes had a morning meeting at 8:30 a.m. – 9.00 to check in, share news and experiences focusing on social, mental and emotional wellbeing. Then the lesson officially started with the morning verse, some speech work, tongue twisters and work on a seasonal poem. 

Assessment & Feedback

To show their work, receive feedback and suggestions for improvement, if needed, the children practiced mental arithmetic, times tables and recalled to the rest of the class the previous day’s story from ‘Old Peter’s Stories’ (Russian fairy tales) or  ‘The King of Ireland’s Son’ by Padraic Colum and then the next part of the book was read to close the session. Once or twice a week, a child could volunteer to read to the class from a book of their choice.

If needed parents could arrange one on one sessions to provide additional emotional, wellbeing support or further help with class work.

Class 1 have been artistic during time at home, why use paper when the shed makes an ideal canvas!

Class 3 & 4 work

Classes 3 & 4 have been working hard with Mrs Wooge covering the planned curriculum. From the first day of school closure 21st March 2020 lessons were given online every morning from 9-1130am with daily work set to complete by the following day. Feedback and assessment were given during the following day’s lesson and children who required individual attention were able to schedule a one to one session from 1130am, or later the same afternoon.


Maths and History included multiplying and dividing complex fractions, Norse myths, Anglo-Saxons and The Celts. Zoology has been introduced, producing and presenting a research project via video on British animals. Biology opened with the human being and religion required reading and recalling, in drawing form, “The Princess and the Goblin” by George MacDonald. Finally, for Art and Crafts, the children were given felting, painting and drawing classes!

Class 5 work

Delving deep into history with the Ancient Greeks and continuing with geography and the natural world with Ms Stoian’s daily video lessons.

Class 7 work

Through lockdown, Mr Carpenter’s has delivered the curriculum everyday via video lesson. Subjects covered, using digital submission of work, included chemistry,  history,  nutrition and geometry with a special class game of Dungeons & Dragons on Fridays!

Class 8 work

Maths and science from Ms Stoian’s class 8 was the focus along with their end of School projects which were showcased to the whole school via a video which culminated with their leaving ceremony live streamed at the end of Term with a rendition of ‘Mamma Mia’ by ABBA to sign off! The School wishes the graduating children a wonderful Summer and good luck for the start of their new schools!

Craft Curriculum: Felting

The school continues to work hard to deliver lessons so that classes can continue to follow the curriculum at home.
This crafting video tutorial is from Ms Lewis-Baker on “Felting a Bowl”.

Kindergarten distant learning site

The KG teachers have launched a dedicated site to support parents of the children of Emerald and Rosebay Kindergartens providing guidance on Rhythm, Circle and Story time as well as Craft ideas to keep your children engaged with the Steiner curriculum. More content will be added here next Term.