The whole curriculum, from kindergarten to class 6, supports the study of chemistry when it becomes a subject in its own right in class 7. As with all subjects it will begin with the children’s own experiences of their environment, from which experiments will be devised and results recorded. It is important that children are not told the method and results for an experiment from which they then repeat the experiment and obtain the desired results. Experiments are experiments and children will observe and gain great satisfaction from the joy of investigation & discovery.

In class 7 children will study combustion, salts & metals. Taking combustion as an example, they will observe the burning qualities of different materials, link chemistry with their main lessons through the study of the ritualistic place of fire in different cultures & legends, and study the processes of forest fires and biological respiration. Inspiring accounts of the lives of scientists will also be told so that the children may gain a feeling for their fascination with phenomena. Class 8 introduces plant and food chemistry together with a variety of technical applications.


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