“Music is not a subject on the timetable, it is a state of mind… this state of mind has to be created in every lesson” (Rawson & Richter 2008:181)

Music lessons alternate between the children making music or singing, and listening to music. Children will learn melodies in pentatonic mode by imitation and begin to play the descant recorder or flute in Class1, however every day will include singing with their class teacher which the children love and will no doubt bring home with them. All children begin to learn an individual instrument such as piano, violin, lyre or treble recorder in class 3 and continue singing, though the major scale is introduced now. Music begins to be described in class 2 with hand movements, progressing onto pictures of lines showing pitch, long notes & pauses, by class 4 they can sight read simple melodies. By class 5 the children are singing beautifully and classes are directed towards the appreciation of music as well as the continuation of musical theory. Parents are encouraged to arrange outings to concerts, and if possible children should attend a local choir or orchestra.


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