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Curriculum 2020 – Published and ready for Ofsted review

Curriculum 2020 – Published and ready for Ofsted review

In May 2019, Ofsted revised and then shortly after reinspected the School (September 2019) based on the implementation of the curriculum that assesses intent, implementation and impact which does not take into account the unique teaching of Steiner Waldorf education.

The School was previously a ‘GOOD’ School under the former Schools Inspectorate Service (SIS). The closing of SIS and the re-inspection by Ofsted, under the brand new framework, resulted in our School being caught between the old and the new inspectors uninformed about Steiner Waldorf education assessing the school.

After a number of Monitoring Inspections and leading figures working to support Steiner Waldorf eduction, our School has met all of the standards required of it to date, with the last set of requirements relating to the way the Curriculum is presented.

These set of documents have now been published and submitted to Ofsted, ready for a new Monitoring Inspection sometime (Ofsted never informs schools when it will arrive for an Inspection) soon.