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NEW: Kindergarten – A Parent’s View

NEW: Kindergarten – A Parent’s View

Hear from one parent who sent us these latest comments:

“Our application to Steiner Kindergarten was the result of some research into schools that value a holistic  development of children – which simultaneously care for their emotional, physical and intellectual development, and that aim to be an extension of the familiar environment by creating a nurturing space where children feel loved and secure. We looked into an education that could offer children enough free play, giving them time to  express themselves and to explore their creativity. We tried to find a setting that could offer plenty of opportunities for children to be outdoors, and to connect with the natural environment. Most importantly, we looked for a place where … could be happy.Kindy did not disappoint, on the contrary, and we do recommend early years in Waldorf Education to any parent looking beyond purely academic skills… has never been so happy in any other nursery. She loves Kindy (as we thought she would) and its warm, small, cozy and very family-like environment. She loves the songs, the stories, the crafts, the rhythm, the teachers… The mixed-age group is a great opportunity for children to learn with others and to practice kindness and empathy. Her friends were extremely kind and welcoming from the moment she joined and she has fond memories of all of them.

…we are happy and proud of what she achieved in the last year: because she was able to fully express herself in this environment where she felt happy and secure, she was able to develop those inner qualities that all children have, but that are so often hindered or overlooked – such as emotional strength, kindness, empathy, compassion, generosity, as well as her communication and physical skills. She is a grounded, kind and creative child, curious about the world, and eager and excited to learn. This is what we truly hoped for, and we are grateful to the Waldorf approach to education and to all teachers, grown-ups and children that helped deliver such results.

There is a good relationship between the school ( teachers and admin staff) and parents, which we think is very important too.

Parent testimonial, 6th October 2020