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NEXT OPEN DAY: WEDNESDAY 17th November 2021

Welcome back all!

Welcome back all!

We are looking forward to opening our doors to our entire school community on the 8th of March and putting all of our Steiner Education principles into practice in a classroom setting once again!

We know that home learning has been hard on all of us and we are delighted that we can once again celebrate and relish in human connection and collaborative, exploratory learning which are the cornerstones on which the Steiner Education principles are built.

Our Kindergarten children have been fortunate enough to be attending right throughout the most recent lockdown and we know they are thrilled to have more company and to be able to play and learn from their older peers (another important element of Steiner Education principles). Our Kindergarten serves children ages 3-6 and offers a play-based setting with lots of outdoor learning too. If you are interested in finding out more about our Kindergarten, including fees please click here.

Once we are all back together we have work to be getting on with and festivals to celebrate! Class 1-8 (ages 7-14) have plays to rehearse and creative projects to finish and most importantly – spending time and playing with their friends again.

If you are interested in finding out more about Steiner Education and its principles; from how much it costs to what children will learn then please click here, and there is lots of useful information on the The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship website too.

Please do call (020 3417 3190) or email us ( directly if you would like more information about how to join our wonderful, community school and don’t forget to follow us social media too!