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Parents Handbook

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Content of the Parent’s Handbook

2 Introduction

2 Our School Creed

3 What is Waldorf Education?

3 Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (S.W.S.F.)

School Life

4 Pre-Kindergarten

4 Kindergarten

4 The Lower School

5 The Teachers

A Pupil’s Progress

5 End of Year Reports

5 Parents Evenings

6 Class Parents’ Meetings

6 Home Visits

6 Anthroposophical Doctor

Extra Curricular Support

6 Eurythmy Therapy

6 Special Educational Needs

7 Arrangements for Pupils for whom

English is an Additional Language


7 Festivals and Celebrations

8 Workdays

8 New Parents Evening

8 Education Workshops

8 Open Days

Practical Issues

9 Attendance

10 Before and After School

10 Bicycles

10 Pushchairs, prams and buggies

10 Dogs in School

11 After School Clubs

11 Medical Issues

11 Head Lice

12 Mobile Telephones and other electronic gadgets

12 Equipment and Clothing

12 Lost Property

12 Packed Lunches

12 Birthday Celebrations

13 School Outings

13 Timetables

14 Code of Conduct

14 The School Rules

14 Rules for Lessons

14 The Home-School agreement

14 Promotion of Good Behaviour Policy and

Anti – Bullying policy

Home Life

15Home Life

15 Homework

General Information

16 Responsibilities

16 Policies

16 Equal Opportunities Statement

16 Safeguarding Children

16 Child Protection Policy

15 Behaviour of Adults at School

17 Photographing Children

17Informing the School of Changes

17 School Informing You of Changes

18 Queries, Problems, Concerns and Complaints

18Teachers’ Surgeries

18 The School Office

18 Letters and Emails Home

18 Newsletter

18 Website and Intranet

19The School Address List

19 The Skills List

19 Class Representatives

19The Telephone Tree

The Structure of The School

20 How The School is Financed

20 How The School is Administered

20The Trustees

20College of Teachers

21The Faculty of Teachers

21 The Finance Group

21 P.T.F. Meeting

22 Communications Group

23 Craft Group

24 Study Group

25 Early Years Group


24 Admissions Policy

26 Contributions policy

30 Bursary policy

34 Promotion of Good Behaviour Policy

37 Anti – Bullying Policy

39 Policies for Suspension and Exclusion

40 Code of Conduct

41 School Rules

42 Rules for Lessons

43 Child Protection Policy

49 School LibraryStock Policy and Borrowing Rules

51 Absence forms

Please note that this Parents Handbook is a working document. If changes are made the School will email it to the parents.