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SIS (Ofsted) Report 2014

“(The School) provides a high standard of education for its pupils”

We had our SIS inspection  in December. We had an excellent report which highlights all the ‘plusses’ of our school:
· significantly broad curriculum and a wide range of experiences exceeding minimum requirement;
· excellent pastoral care

· pupils doing well in speaking, listening, numeracy and singing/music and visual art;

· excellent pupils behaviour
· pupils preparing for adult life and making good progress;
· pupils think for themselves, reflect upon themselves and the welfare of others;
· pupils’ excellent spiritual, moral, social and cultural development; and
· excellent teaching facilities and equipment

The school once again has demonstrated to be able to deliver a wonderful alternative education that creates well rounded children in a warm and inclusive environment.

Well done Waldorf School of South West London!!!

Here’s the pdf of the report for you to read:

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