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Category: Parents

Fundraising with amazon smile!

Due to the circumstances this year, we have been unable to have our annual Summer of Christmas fairs. The fairs are a fantastic opportunity for the community to gather and socialise, but are also our biggest fundraisers.  With this in mind, the school has now registered to the Amazon Smile scheme. If you are going…
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Insta – a taste of life at LSS

Check out our Insta account for a true taste of what life is like at our School.

Advent Spiral: Greenery needed please!

We will be holding our Advent Spiral on Friday 27th November this year, and we are disappointed that all this has to be done without you present this time.  Advent is a word derived from the Latin verb aduire meaning ‘to come’ or ‘to arrive’. It is a time for preparation and, most importantly, for…
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NEW: Kindergarten – A Parent’s View

Hear from one parent who sent us these latest comments: “Our application to Steiner Kindergarten was the result of some research into schools that value a holistic  development of children – which simultaneously care for their emotional, physical and intellectual development, and that aim to be an extension of the familiar environment by creating a nurturing…
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London Steiner School Governance, Leadership & Management

The Trustees of the school are reviewing the Governance, Leadership and Management Statement.

School Handbook

The School Handbook is currently under review…back in early 2023!