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Woodwork is a very creative and hands-on process connecting us with Mother Nature. It is exciting and empowering to make something out of a block of wood.

Children will work with different woods (birch, lime etc.) and learn how to plan and carve household items, such as candle-holders and spoons, and sculpt beautiful objects embellished through special carving techniques. At the same time children learn to respect and appreciate wood and items made of wood. Woodwork helps develop and refine eye-hand coordination and a good handling of tools. The process of carving and seeing a project through to its conclusion is wonderful for developing the will.

In our newly equipped wood workshop we only use mechanical tools e.g. chisels, rasps and mallets that are appropriate for the intended age group of class 6-8 pupils. The children learn to respect their tools and the skills needed to use them effectively and safely.

Martin Wilson, our friendly woodwork teacher, has many years of experience working with wood and is a qualified carpenter.

‘I really enjoy working with the children
teaching them carving techniques and watching them progress.’