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Class 1

In Class One the children learn about letters and numbers. Letters are first introduced through stories, fairy tales and form drawing: numbers are introduced through counting and the use of movement (rhythm). The child is gradually shown the four processes of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

The foundations of learning are laid by a focus on the natural world, by going for nature walks and observing natural processes: other more abstract subjects, like history and geography, are approached by working with the immediate living environment of the Class children.


Class One

  • Form Drawing
  • Oracy – listening, speaking, recitation.
  • Literacy: Introduction to the alphabet and sounds of the letters via story, drawing, painting. Simple phonics, wordplay, writing simple, yet beautiful sentences, reading own writing, writing stories using mainly phonetic spelling for unknown words.
  • Mathematics: The quality of numbers, Counting to 100, Roman and Arabic numerals, The four processes (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). Number games, bean bag exercises, movement etc.
  • Nature Study – via nature walks, nature table, exploration and observation and imaginative stories
  • Music: Singing and introduction to the Recorder
  • Handwork: making knitting needles and Knitting practical yet beautiful objects.
  • Eurythmy/Movement: coordination, balance and music appreciation.
  • Foreign Languages: French and German – songs, rhymes, drama.
  • Art: Painting, Beeswax Modelling, Crayon Drawing. Building a practical relationship to colour and form.