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Class 2

Class Two Blocks: English, Maths, the Childs’ environment

Continuing from Class One the children begin to learn in more depth the landscape of letters and sentences. They are encouraged to write their own stories, to listen, learn, and recite poetry together. In Maths they use movements and rhythm, to learn the times-tables.

The teacher will read the children fables that reflect how we live within the world, and stories that talk about great peoples’ lives.


  • Fables from around the world.
  • Study of saints, sages and holy men.
  • Grammar, sentences and punctuation.
  • Writing: introduction to cursive handwriting; writing simple stories
  • Reading: Introduction to reading schemes. Reading of simple texts, own writing and teacher writing.
  • Mathematics: Continuing work with the four processes and place value, Column Algorithms, movement and number games. Multiplication tables.
  • Foreign Languages: French and German – songs, rhymes, drama.
  • Form Drawing – more complex forms as a support for personal development, writing, drawing and hand/eye coordination.
  • Nature Study: through Aesop’s fables and other stories, Native-American stories, or similar, nature works, gardening, observation and exploration, simple green woodwork. Building a relationship to ‘mother Earth’.
  • Music: Singing and Recorder
  • Handwork: Knitting, Crochet – making beautiful ball bag.
  • Eurythmy
  • Art: Painting, drawing and Modelling