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Class 3


Curriculum: Main Lesson

Class Three Blocks: English, Maths, Building, Farming, Old Testament stories and Mythology

English and Maths become progressively more elaborate, studying time and measurement. Building and farming are major subjects for the main lesson in this year. Children will learn by working on their own building project. They will study and experience farming firsthand through visits; gardening is also an important subject, following the seasons of the year through practical application. They will read and study the stories found in the Old Testament.



  • Oracy: Storytelling, listening, speaking, communication, drama.
  • English: The study of grammar, verbs, nouns, sentences, punctuation.
  • Handwriting: Continuing practice of cursive and use of ink.
  • Mathematics of Practical Life: Time, Temperature, Weight&Volume, linear measurement(integrated into Housebuilding),o Trade Goods & The Development of Currency
  • Form Drawing
  • Social, Ecological and Environmental Studies: Farming and Gardening; Housebuilding – practical activities outside, simple woodwork skills as part of this.
  • Cultural Studies: stories of the Old Testament, Jewish festivals or similar.
  • Drama
  • Music: Singing: singing in rounds, Recorder, string ensemble where pupils choose their own instrument
  • Handwork: Spinning, Weaving
  • Eurythmy
  • Foreign Languages: French and German
  • Painting
  • PE