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Class 7


The children will study the geography of the world, the lives of fabled discoverers, poetry, what is healthy for human life and the life of the planet. They will be introduced to the mysteries of chemistry and physics, to experience the richness of the Renaissance and to learn about the Reformation. Biographies of famous people enable the pupils to gain insights about their own struggles and explorations by hearing and working on the lives of others who can provide inspiration and example to many. 

Curriculum: Main Lesson

Class Seven Blocks: World Geography, Physics, Chemistry, ‘Man and his environment’, Astronomy, Geometry, The Discoverers, History, Maths and English



  • History: Renaissance and Reformation
  • World Geography
  • Science: Physics, Mechanics,  InorganicChemistry,  Physiology
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics: Algebra, Negative Numbers, Square and Cube Roots
  • Music: Singing and Orchestra
  • Handwork
  • Woodwork 
  • Eurythmy: ballads, drama, tragedy
  • English: including creative writing with engaging the feelings of wish, wonder and surprise. Grammar, comprehension, text analysis, consolidation of literacy skills.
  • Literature – comparing writing styles, poetry and comprehension.
  • Foreign Languages
  • Art: Painting, drawing, modelling
  • PE and games