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Class 8


Throughout the year Class Eight have a range of other classes that include additional main lesson blocks (e.g. Extra Reading) and specialist subjects: Modern Languages, Music, Art, Craft (Handwork), Eurythmy and Gardening. These classes build the child’s experience and learning, by complimenting the teaching in Main Lessons. 

Curriculum: Main Lesson

Class Eight Blocks: World Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, English, Maths and Geometry



  • History: the Industrial Revolution to the present day
  • Geography as related to World Economics
  • Physics: Acoustics, Thermodynamics, Mechanics,  Electricity and Magnetism, Hydraulics, Aerodynamics.
  • Meteorology
  • Ecology
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physiology
  • Geometry: measurement of surfaces and volume, platonic solids.
  • Mathematics: practical applications of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, Graphing
  • Music: Singing and Orchestra, Elizabethan Music, General Music, Symphonic Form
  • Handwork: Machine Sewing & designing and making clothes; Artistic Hand-Sewing Projects
  • Eurythmy: poems with contrasting moods
  • English: the short story, letters, and Shakespearean drama analysed, adapted and performed; Grammar, Comprehension, Consolidation.
  • Foreign Languages
  • Art: Painting highlights and shadows in portraits and landscapes
  • PE and Games