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Curriculum & Policies

If the content of the curriculum, and the method of teaching, can be aligned with the characteristics of each stage of a child’s natural development, then a wonderful symbiosis is created whereby the lesson touches on the deep concerns of the child. It arouses their interest in learning as they can relate personally to it as the child is able to understand and take in the content of what is being taught.

The content of the lessons in each class is guided very much by the developmental needs – physical, emotional, cognitive – of the children in the class. The way children see the world and their place in it develops gradually, through identifiable stages, from total immersion to varying degrees of objectivity by the time they reach adulthood. 


From September 2019, Ofsted revised and then reinspected schools based on the implementation of the curriculum that assesses intent, implementation and impact. This applies to all schools, including the independent sector, who are also obliged to deliver on the Independent Schools Standards.

In response, the school has produced new policy documents, to be implemented from September 2020, whilst maintaining the unique approach to education provided at our school.

School Policies