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Ofsted Inspections

LATEST: January 2022

The latest Ofsted Report, January 2022, is available for all parents. We are particularly pleased with the Early Years Provision “Good” rating along with significant improvements across the other years in Personal Development and Behaviour. One area that the school has been asked to focus on to improve the Quality of Education from Requires Improvement to Good, is to have all staff trained in Phonics. We expect the next inspection to follow up on this area to improve the rating overall.

February 2021

We are pleased to have met all the Independent School Standards for Quality of Education. For more details please see the full report below.

The curriculum coordinator has worked closely with teachers to develop well-structured schemes of work. These are well understood by leaders. Subject plans are appropriately sequenced.

Oftsted Monitoring Report, February 2021

The Fellowship has engaged with Ofsted and the DFE in recent months through meetings and conversations and we have been able to establish a useful stream of communication, enabling us to maintain exemptions, advise on inspection styles going forward and inform the regulators regarding the content and context of Steiner Education.

Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship, Autumn Newsletter 2019

Latest: June 2020

In response to Oftsed’s revised requirements to assess schools based on intention, implementation and impact, the school has submitted new Curriculum 2020 policy documents to Oftsed and the Department of Education. These documents are intended to address the most recent Monitoring Inspection Report (21 January 2020) findings.

Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, September 2019

January 2020

Our latest progress monitoring report, confirms that the school is making clear progress towards meeting all the standards required of independent schools. In particular, the work undertaken in secondary years (Ofsted: Personal Development>Preparation for next stage) on careers has been recognised and this standard has now been met. 

“Pupils are well informed about different routes they can take to achieve their goals. They are confident and ambitious for their future.”

Ofsted Monitoring Inspection, 21 January 2020

We continue to work with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship and are fully committed to develop and present the curriculum to Ofsted’s acceptance. The inspection framework is changing, there is now recognition that the mental health of both pupils and staff is critical to providing a good ‘well rounded’ education.

November 2019

September 2019

Following the Ofsted inspection in November 2018, we received a Monitoring Inspection (report published September 2019).

We were very disappointed with the inspection in November, the school and all its staff have been working incredibly hard in order to meet the Ofsted requirements having previously been awarded a GOOD School status by SIS in June 2018.

We are pleased that, following the most recent inspection, we have now met all the requirements with regards to PSHE, Premises & Accommodation and the Welfare, Health and Safety of our pupils (Ofsted: Personal Development>Health & Wellbeing and Leadership & Management>Governance, Staff Workload & Wellbeing, Oversight and Safeguarding).

The school also complies with all the Statutory Welfare and Learning and Development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (Ofsted: Intent EYFS). The teachers provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for our youngest children which is endorsed by parents and carers.

June 2019

“There are several Steiner schools where the level of parental satisfaction with their school is measured at approaching an extraordinary 100 per cent, and yet which Ofsted has deemed to be ‘Inadequate’.

November 2018

“The school is making really good progress with the many areas Ofsted highlighted in the inspection as needing improvement.  There is now a suitably equipped medical room, thermostats on the hot water taps, regular analysis of attendance, a disability access plan, external appraisal for teachers and a robust system for tracking each pupil’s progress in each subject area in place – among many other things.  The teaching of ‘British Values’ is something embedded in the curriculum.  Leadership and management are being renewed throughout the school – and just as we witness the transformative forces of spring we feel a strong impulse of renewal working with us. Many thanks to all who are a part of this renewal.” Sue Peat, School Trustee

“Classrooms are characterised by warm and respectful relationships between adults and pupils. Staff listen carefully to pupils’ ideas and opinions and encourage them to express themselves.”

Ofsted Inspection, November 2018 (Ofsted: Behaviours & Attitudes).
A ‘GOOD” School

The quality of education provided by London Steiner School is good. Pupils’ learning and achievement is good. They are effective learners and achieve well. The good quality curriculum is firmly based on Steiner methodology and provides a broad, balanced and consistent educational experience. Pupils’ personal development is good. The children’s personal development and behaviour are good. They enjoy their learning, clearly feel secure and behave well.”

SIS Inspections – June 2018, March 2018 and October 2017

SIS Monitoring Inspection Report June 2018 – download
SIS Monitoring Inspection March 2018 – download
SIS Full Inspection October 2017 – download