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Dear school community,

When the school was founded in 1983, it was the vision of the founders to have a minimum of three kindergartens which could provide enough children for reasonably healthy class ones each year. Due to a number of well documented set backs, this vision has not been easy to realise.

We are excited to be able to announce that we have laid all the groundwork and have the structure in place to be able to open a third kindergarten very soon. The actual date will depend on application numbers.

We anticipate the new kindergarten will begin with the youngest children for three days a week and gradually build up over time.

New projects mean change and often compromise is needed. To this end we will be handing over the library space for the new Kindergarten.

We understand that this will not be a popular option in some ways and that the library, as it is, has many functions. However there were a number of factors to be considered. Of the many options, priority ultimately had to be given to the pedagogical needs of the children; please rest assured, the decision was not taken lightly and we hope you will all respect and support our decision.

The whole school community will have to make compromises. The library will move downstairs to the, now, staff room. We hope to make it a cosy space and it will be open to children when the librarian or a teacher is present. It will also be available for parent meetings but will not unfortunately be quite such a community space as it is currently.

The teachers will relinquish the staff room and find solace in a small work station with a few book shelves in the deep, dark, depths at the back.

We will be looking for people to help us with the move, make the new library cosy and to create a beautiful space for our new kindergarten.

We hope you are as pleased and exited as us about this development and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

The College, the teachers and the staff.