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Testimonials & alumni

Some current and former parents and students have kindly provided testimonials. For more testimonials and alumni please visit the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship or visit thewaldorfs.

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and all the staff for letting me observe the school for the day.  I learnt a huge amount about the way the school is structured which just doesn’t compare to reading about it from afar and it was lovely to see how holistic the learning was and how invested the staff are in the pupils.
I really enjoyed seeing the development of learning from nursery to the upper years clearly seen through the beautiful paintings the children were working on.  The year 6 maths lesson had a great mix of problem solving, concentration and using real world data which was great to see.  Overall the calmness and peace within the school was very reassuring and fitted with the natural rhythms of learning.   I was especially drawn to visiting the school as I read that a lot of Silicon Valley execs send their kids to Steiner schools and I can see why, without the technology seen in other classrooms it felt like I had stepped back in time and there was a stillness in the air so lessons felt stretched out and learning had time to settle.  I was also encouraged to learn that ex students are now studying medicine and engineering and I could clearly see how the focus instilled in the upper years and the team work in the lower years would aid this”.

From a student teacher observing in an alternative setting. November 2022

“Our application to Steiner Kindergarten was the result of some research into schools that value a holistic  development of children – which simultaneously care for their emotional, physical and intellectual development, and that aim to be an extension of the familiar environment by creating a nurturing space where children feel loved and secure. We looked into an education that could offer children enough free play, giving them time to  express themselves and to explore their creativity. We tried to find a setting that could offer plenty of opportunities for children to be outdoors, and to connect with the natural environment. Most importantly, we looked for a place where … could be happy.Kindy did not disappoint, on the contrary, and we do recommend early years in Waldorf Education to any parent looking beyond purely academic skills… has never been so happy in any other nursery. She loves Kindy (as we thought she would) and its warm, small, cozy and very family-like environment. She loves the songs, the stories, the crafts, the rhythm, the teachers… The mixed-age group is a great opportunity for children to learn with others and to practice kindness and empathy. Her friends were extremely kind and welcoming from the moment she joined and she has fond memories of all of them.

…we are happy and proud of what she achieved in the last year: because she was able to fully express herself in this environment where she felt happy and secure, she was able to develop those inner qualities that all children have, but that are so often hindered or overlooked – such as emotional strength, kindness, empathy, compassion, generosity, as well as her communication and physical skills. She is a grounded, kind and creative child, curious about the world, and eager and excited to learn. This is what we truly hoped for, and we are grateful to the Waldorf approach to education and to all teachers, grown-ups and children that helped deliver such results.

There is a good relationship between the school ( teachers and admin staff) and parents, which we think is very important too.

Parent, October 2020

I am writing in regards to my experience at the London Steiner School where I was a pupil from September 2006 until July 2013. After graduating from Class 8, at age 14, I was given a place at the Brit School for Performing Arts and Technology, gaining GCSEs in Maths, English Language, English Literature, Double science, History, German and Drama as well as an extended BTEC level 2 in Visual Art and Design.  I went on to study A levels in English Literature, History and Theatre Studies at Pimlico Academy gaining grades A*, A, B. Following a gap year, in which I worked and spent 3 months volunteering for sustainable development charity Raleigh international in Central America, I am now studying for a BA in History at Aberystwyth University, with a scholarship. At University, I am an active Student Ambassador, peer mentor, society committee member and involved in students union politics. I am hoping to continue my studies by taking a Masters in History. 

On leaving the London Steiner School, I found myself easily able to work at the same level as the other students, and in some areas, such as German, which is taught at the London Steiner School from age seven, I was distinctly ahead. Throughout the rest of my school career I have felt the benefits of my Steiner education. The rich depth of the History curriculum, in particular, has given me an incredibly strong foundation from which to continue in my chosen field of study. It gave me a comprehensive overview of British, European and World history from ancient civilisation to the modern day, as well as allowing me to look at specific areas in more depth. 

I consider myself incredibly privileged to have had the education I did and I believe it prepared me well for life after leaving the school. I hope this serves as testament to the quality of the curriculum and teaching they provide.

Former London Steiner School pupil.

“Steiner education does not measure the child just looking into the academic side. Teachers observe and support a child’s personal development.” 

“Moving to a new secondary school was quite straightforward for my son. During his first year at the new school I was surprisingly often called by the teachers to be informed on how well behaved, caring and friendly my son was as well as how well he was doing in his subjects. The best comment I had from a teacher was how, in her opinion, he would go far with his well developed social skills, compared to other peers in his school. In Steiner school children are taught all these skills in their day-to-day interaction with the teachers, the younger pupils and the local community. I think it’s invaluable how holistic education methods, such as Steiner Waldorf education, can set children up for life in the best possible way.”

“At the London Steiner School my child learned excellent presentation skills in the way his workbook was always encouraged to be immaculately arranged – a skill he has been commended for in all of his subjects in his current secondary school.” 

 “The school organised charity events or school fairs throughout the year. This made stronger communities between school and parents/the residents/community.” 

“… has enjoyed his time at the school and has developed well under your care, learning many life lessons which will serve him well.” 

 “We (the grownups) have learned and benefited a great deal from the Waldorf philosophy and curriculum as well as you individually.” 

“Dedicated and friendly team with personal relation to each student and parents.” 

 “I am very pleased with the education my child had received at the school; I think it has strongly supported his physical, emotional and mental development.” 

 “Never outside of your kindergarten have I encountered the thoughtful, careful, patient and inspiring teaching that you and your wonderful team provide; the kind of learning that is not measured in ratios and certificates, but is measured in the bright light of inspiration and the deep love of learning seen in the eyes of each and every pupil.” 

“The community is very welcoming and open. This respectful atmosphere is worth a lot.” 

 “The overall spirit and care displayed in the school environment has been beautiful and heartfelt and we are all generously grateful for this.” 

 “Coming to this school doesn’t mean just coming to learn, it means coming to participate in something much bigger than just a school.” 

” I also wanted to say how grateful I am for all of the staff and everything they do for the children and the school. The inspection last week, and the Department of Education’s apparent negativity towards Steiner Schools is very concerning.  But I just wanted to say how safe and loved I know all the children are at the school. We are only new to the school community but the more I experience, the happier I feel that we are here. The teachers are so passionate about what they do and always happy to help and go that extra mile to support the children. “