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Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

“J’ai un nom

Un prénom

Deux yeux

Un nez

Un menton

Dis moi vite Ton prénom

Pour continuer

La chanson

Je m’appelle Madame Ledeunff, tu t’appelle Abbie

J’ai un nom…”

Whilst it is useful to speak and understand other languages, the study of languages has additional value by encouraging an appreciation of the many varied peoples and cultures throughout the world

All children receive French and German lessons from the beginning of Class 1. From ages 6-9 years children are orally immersed in the languages through songs, counting rhymes and games designed to delight and engage the children without the need for explanation or translation (Rawson & Richter 2008:132). Lessons in this period are generally undertaken solely in the foreign language. From Class 4 reading and writing are introduced.