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Games and Movement

Games & Movement

‘Wolf! Wolf! Where are you?’

‘I am getting out of bed.’

‘Wolf! Wolf! Where are you?’

‘I am putting on my boots.’…

‘Wolf! Wolf! Where are you?’

‘I’m ready for my breakfast!’

For classes 1 to 4 this will focus on ‘playground’ games. Children will play a myriad of games from hand clapping games, skipping, bean bag and string games to classic chasing games such as ‘stuck in the mud’ and ‘dragon tag’ brimming with anticipation and excitement as the children are caught and freed. Stories and singing remain key aspects of these games until class 3 when this gradually begins to be relinquished enabling the children to focus more on the activity itself.

Games lessons in class 5 culminate in ‘The Greek Olympics’. The children will have practised every week throughout the year and finally hundreds of class 5 children from Steiner Schools throughout the UK and beyond will make their way to Michael Hall in Sussex to take part in this great event. The children arrive from all over the world and pitch their tents. Children are then divided between the 12 city teams (Athens, Thebes and so on) such that each school’s children are evenly distributed. All the next day is spent practising the events, finally after practising all events the children select the ones they would like to enter. The evening is then spent painting their tunics with their city colours. The next day all line up in the Olympic Arena for the Opening Ceremony and the lighting of the Eternal Flame. Events include The Marathon (a one mile cross country run), the Dash, Weight Jump, High Jump, Wrestling, Discus and Javelin. The Archon (or judges) assesses each participant on their qualities of strength, beauty, skill and inner qualities such as effort and determination. Finally the event concludes with the Poetry reading and Closing Ceremony. Outstanding qualities of all athletes are announced and each receives a medal. It is the highlight of the school year and truly enjoyed by all.

Class 6 marks the shift in focus towards team sports as the ‘play element’ dissolves. From now on children will be participating in sports such as hockey, swimming, basketball and athletics.