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The concepts of imposed quantitive and particle-like models of nature are by their own nature limited, and it is important that children perceive their insufficiency. Physics lessons begin in class 6 and elementary phenomena will be investigated which cannot be wholly described by these models in order that children gain an insight into the incompleteness of models, together with a sense of wonder and inquisitiveness towards the natural world.

Physics is taught by consideration of experienced and observed phenomena and wherever possible links will be formed with other subjects being taught in the main lesson.

From classes 6-8 children will cover the principle topics of acoustics, optics & colour, thermodynamics, magnetism, electricity, mechanics and the new areas of hydrostatics, hydrodynamics, aerostatics & aerodynamics. Considering magnetism as an example, children will begin with naturally occurring magnetite and the question of how something is magnetised. From here ordinary magnets and compasses (without casing) will be demonstrated, and the concepts of north & south poles, magnetic attraction & repulsion, and the magnetic field of the earth discussed. In class 7 they will build on this knowledge with further study of the earth’s field and the subject of electrodynamics (together with it’s technical applications).