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Our dedication to education

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For over 25 years, our school has dedicated itself to providing Steiner Waldorf education in South London. As Waldorf teachers we strive to recognise and nourish the individual that lives within each child. A consciously developed teacher-child relationship and the creation of a harmonious social organism within the class allows the rich Waldorf curriculum to meet and stimulate the children as they grow through each particular stage of development.

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An artistic and imaginative approach to learning awakens interest and enthusiasm in the children, breathing life into what otherwise might become dry academic subjects, and encouraging the children to express themselves in a creative and harmonious way. Teaching builds from first principles in main blocks and involves the development of the 3 “Rs”.

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“My science lesson was an invaluable experience that helped me to get over the fear of sending my children to a school that seems very different from my own experience. I am particularly impressed with the ethos of empowering the children to use their initiative.”

Comment from a parent after attending one of our termly Education Workshops, where parents experience the classroom from a child’s eye view.

The Class Teacher
Class teaching is a big responsibility. The class teacher welcomes their pupils at Class 1 (aged 7) and remains with those children until Class 8 (aged 14). The demands it makes upon the teachers are very particular but rewarding in helping the growing children in their care. As Waldorf teachers we also endeavour to nourish the sense of wonder and reverence that children bring with them into life, gifts so often undermined by the pace and pressures of modern life.

Teachers strive for high standards of work and behaviour. They also recognise that alongside an all-round ability and the self-confidence to participate fully in life, children should also take from their school a moral sense of gratitude and responsibility for the earth and for their fellow human beings.

The teachers work with the whole school as a community through a number of other channels, particularly as members of the College of Teachers. They also provide extra-curricular activity and support: school trips, outings (e.g. Thames Festival), and wider Steiner School exchanges and events (e.g. The School Olympics).

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Specialist Teachers
Teaching in Modern Foreign Languages, Music, Gardening, Drama and Art/Craft is supported by teachers who have particular training and/or specialism. The teaching of these subjects is seen as crucial and integral part of the overall development of the child.

“I attended the science class. I was inspired with the methods used to connect the child’s personal experience of the world with the subject. Also, the way children were encouraged to develop their own interest to drive their own experimentation in learning was good to see.”

Comment from a parent after attending one of our weekly Open Days.